Calm water, cool breeze and a never ending sea, what activity can be better than exploring the depths of sparkling, beautiful God created shore? If you are obsessed with nature’s beauty and love stepping in water, than nothing can be as amazing as rowing for you.

But not everyone can take part in such a crazy activity. If you scared of deep seas and scared of drowning, than the real rowing is not for you. but there is another way through which you can still enjoy that experience. So those who want to enjoy the rowing experience at home can buy the awesome rowing machine. Not only will it keep you fit and fine, but you can experience what real rowing feels like without going into the water.

  • The rowing machine

The newly introduced rowing machine imitates and uses the principles of real rowing. The only difference is that this one is designed for indoor purposes and the real rowing is done outdoors in open waters. The rowing machine comes along with a monitor that records and displays your speed, distance that you have covered, power and how many calories did you burn.

  • Design of an indoor rower

Like its names suggests, the rowing machine has a structure and mechanism similar to that of a rowing boat. How? Like a rowing boat, this machine has a long frame which sits low on the ground. The handle is attached to the wheel with either a chain or a strap and a braked flywheel is attached at the front of the frame as well.

You sit with your stretched out and need to pull the hand backwards, that is towards yourself. While pulling you use your lower body strength and the seat moves away from the flywheel. The handle is hard to pull that’s why you need to gather all your lower and upper body strength to engage in this workout.

  • Different ways of using the rower

The indoor rower can be used in three different ways according to the workout’s requirement and intensity.

In the first option both the foot stretcher and flywheel are fixed while the seat is movable during exercise. This is called the “fixed head ergo meter”.

The second option includes the seat and foot stretcher to be able to slide just like that in a real rowing boat. This one is called the “floating head ergo meter”.

In the third and last option only the seat is fixed and the foot stretcher is movable and slides.

These varieties of options give this wonderful equipment and edge over the other traditional and boring workout machines. You can set the option according to your need and enjoy the full body workout.

  • 5 reasons to start rowing now

For staying fit some level of physical activity should be included in your daily routine. People are so busy in making a living that they actually forgot to live and stay healthy. In the urge to get more and more they adopt an unhealthy lifestyle and then fall for problems that use up their hard earned money.

It’s high time that you realize how important it is to stay healthy and fit which can only be achieved by exercises and workouts. If you are amongst those many people who have no time for gym, then bring this amazing rowing machine to your home and spend only a few minutes on it. You’ll start seeing a change within a few days.

So why should you actually buy a rowing machine or use it in the gym? Below are a few good reasons:

  1. To lose weight and stay fit

Your obsession to junk food, fizzy drinks and sugar has made you gain weight at a dangerous speed. And you know obesity and unhealthy lifestyle can not only make you lethargic but fall for many serious illnesses.

So if you want to change your life by losing weight, go for rowing right now. Rowing machine is best exercise to lose weight as it works on the entire body equally and at the same time. Now you won’t have to spend money on different machines as this is your ultimate full body workout machine.

  1. No more injuries

Rowing is one of the safest workouts for your muscles and joints. While there are many machines which can cause some serious injuries, a rower works out every muscle and joint with balance. Every movement is well balanced and counter acted on at the same time. Like if your torso moves forward it will move backward as well, so every muscle and joints takes it turn to be used.

It helps in maintaining the body alignment and balance; hence the joints and muscles are saved from serious injury due to impact.

  1. Strengthen your muscles

As this exercise focuses on each and every body part, muscles of the entire body take part in the workout. So this is the best exercise to strengthen muscles and improve the stability and balance of the body.

  1. Low impact but high intensity

Unlike other machines, the exercises done on the indoor rower are definitely high intensity but have less impact. That means you will have an elevated heart rate, burn calories, sweat yet won’t pull a muscle or injure your joint.

  1. Reduces stress

Rowing workouts, like other regimes help in reducing stress. When the body gets warmed up, it releases hormones that help in reducing stress and you feel fresh.


If you are leading a busy, stressful and unhealthy life, then bring this magical machine to your home. You can do it your friends and enjoy the real rowing experience while losing weight. This is the easiest way to include some type of physical activity in your busy schedule and bring positive changes in your life. You will also be able to work better when you will be fresh and active. So buy this amazing rowing machine and invite your friends over for some healthy get together.